Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Harper Rocks.

Okay, so I know the majority of authors probably love their publishers. But I really do love Harper. They're such a supportive house, and in addition to the very cool author microsites on their Harper pages, they've now launched a new site for Avon books - www.avonbooks.com - which includes sneak peeks at forthcoming novels, full access to many backlists, videos, essays, sweepstakes and book tour information. IOW, one-stop shopping for the voracious reader. 

Better yet, their "Love Gives Back" program allows readers to preview the opening chapter of Avon romances two full weeks before they're in stores! Other books will be available online in their entirety, for free. Avon will track reader visits and donate books to ProLiteracy Worldwide (www.proliteracy.org).


Now that's true love.

Also, check out the direct click through to RomanceRadio. They'll be airing interviews will many popular Avon authors.

And speaking of radio, Kim Harrison will be answering questions from readers this Thursday, the 21st, at 2:30 p.m. EST. To call in and ask Kim questions, call (347) 826-9684 during the show. To listen in, click here

If you can't hear the show, go to this link.The podcast will be up about 10 minutes after the show, and we'll also have links on the Eos blog and on our webside at www.outofthiseos.com.

THE BEYOND is just one of several new radio shows featured on AuthorsonAir.com, so check them all out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

An open letter...

...to the guy I yelled at while running this morning:

Um ... sorry.

But here's the deal. You looked exactly like my husband.

And when I yelled at you in Swedish, you acted like my husband does whenever I mangle his language.

And when I threw my arms in the air as if to say "What the fuck are you doing?" you responded like my husband, and threw up your arms as well.

And when I chased you, thinking, "Yeah, you'd better run, buddy" you outpaced me, just as my husband would.

Just to clarify, I don't really want you to be at my house watching my toddler while I go for my morning run. I have my husband for that. 


But next time, wear something to distinguish yourself from the man I've known for fifteen years, and don't respond to my Swenglish.

And you're welcome for the added kick to your workout.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just a quick note...

If I owe you an email, I apologize for the delay. I'm under deadline and my inbox is suffering. Thanks for understanding!

Back to it...